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Giving back and making a difference in the lives of others is a passion for Michael. He works throughout the year to support the following charities through his event marketing and direct financial support.

LASA works to prevent homeless and recurrent homelessness in our community. They are a community organization to house in excess of 65 families and prevention services to over 250 families annually in our area.

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Violent Crime Victim Services seeks to provide services in our community for the victim/survivors of violent crimes and homicide. They endeavor to act as an advocate for co-victims and families by offering them peer support groups, peer court support, crisis intervention, mental health referrals, and faith community referrals.

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Dozens of agencies work with the homeless, domestic violence victims and low-income population providing temporary housing and recovery programs, but when their clients complete the programs they may have new housing and a new focus for their life, but they often have no furniture. NW Furniture Bank meets these needs by providing furniture to those transitioning into their own homes. Furniture is also available for foster children who age-out of the program, and for people who lose all of their possessions in natural disasters such as fire or flood. The NW Furniture Bank strives to give their clients a bed to sleep on, a sofa to sit on, and a table to eat from. Hundreds of volunteers are using their time, talents and donated furniture to restore hope, dignity and stability to families that are working hard to rebuild their lives.

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Michael Morrison

Nothing better to help you get the highest and best price for your home by pulling out all the marketing stops. Getting your home sold requires an award winning marketing plan to put your home in front of the right audience with the means to purchase it.